Delaware County Women Against Rape
Providing Accompaniment, Counseling, Education and Advocacy services Since 1974

Victim Services

Delaware County Women Against Rape offers comprehensive direct services to victims of sexual assault and other serious crimes in Delaware County. All direct victim services are free and confidential.

24 Hour Hotline

Our 24 hour hotline provides access to Counselor/Advocates with specialized training in crisis intervention and counseling of sexual assault victims. Callers may request information, accompaniment, or counseling, either at the time of the assault or any time afterward - even years later. All services are strictly confidential. The hotline is also available to police officers, hospital personnel, and others who may call for information, assistance, or referrals.
The agency also provides direct services to victims of other serious crimes such as aggravated assault and burglary. Services are also available for the surviving families of homicide victims. These services are provided through the Crime Victims Services (CVS) department.

Accompaniment Services

DCWAR Counselor/Advocates are available 24 hours a day to accompany sexual assault victims to any hospital or police station. They are also available to accompany sexual assault victims and victims of other serious crimes to all court proceedings.

At The Hospital. Counselor/Advocates will be with victims at any Delaware County hospital during the forensic medical examination for rape or other sexual assault.

At The Police Station. Counselor/Advocates will accompany the victim to the police station to report a rape, other sexual assault, or other serious crime, and may be present during the police investigative interview.

At The Criminal Court. If an offender is arrested, a Counselor/Advocate will accompany the victim to all court proceedings, including the preliminary hearing, pre-trial interviews with prosecuting attorneys, the criminal trial, and sentencing.

At The Civil Court. In some cases victims of rape or sexual assault may bring a civil lawsuit against the offender or against a third party. DCWAR can provide legal referrals for these cases, and court accompaniment.


Any victim of rape or other sexual assault will benefit from the services of a DCWAR Counselor/Advocate during medical and legal proceedings. Our advocates are trained to provide emotional support and crisis counseling, and to explain medical and legal procedures. Their expert knowledge, sensitivity, and advocacy can ease the process of reporting and recovering from a sexual assault crime.

Counseling Services

Most victims of rape, and sexual assault find that talking with trained counselors helps to heal their emotional pain. DCWAR offers supportive, problem-solving counseling to victims, their families, and significant others. All counseling services are confidential and free of charge.

Supportive Counseling. Support through problem-solving individual crisis counseling is available to those affected by sexual assault, or other serious crime, regardless of when the crime occurred. DCWAR counselors have provided services to people of all ages and both sexes, from toddlers to seniors.

Long Term Counseling Services. DCWAR provides longer term counseling services for victims of rape, other sexual assault, or other serious crime who need those services.

Group Counseling. DCWAR has support groups for those affected by rape and sexual assault, including incest. Support groups are also available for victims of other serious crimes.

Assistance With Crime Victims Compensation

In Pennsylvania, victims of crime can sometimes recover un-reimbursed medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and lost wages incurred as a result of the crime. DCWAR can help victims file claims to the state Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

For Further Help Please Contact Pennsylvania Crime Victims Services

Victims of Sexual Assault
(24 hours)
(610) 566-4342
Victims of Other
Serious Crimes
(610) 566-4386