Delaware County Women Against Rape
Providing Accompaniment, Counseling, Education and Advocacy services Since 1974

About Us

Delaware County Women Against Rape (DCWAR) is a private non-profit agency located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The agency was founded in 1974. Its primary mission is to provide comprehensive direct services to victims of rape and other sexual assaults who live in the county, or who may have been victimized in the county. Direct services are also provided to significant persons in the victim’s life. In July 2001, the agency also began to provide direct services to victims of other serious crimes through its Crime Victim Services (CVS) department. For a description of the direct services we provide to victims of crime, click the Victim Services tab of the menu. All victim services are free and confidential.
DCWAR is also committed to increasing community awareness of the impact of crime on victims, and helping to develop strategies to prevent it. To further this goal, the agency provides education programs to schools and community groups, as well as training for allied professionals, such as police, emergency responders, and medical personnel. For a description of the education services we provide, click the Education Services tab of the menu.
DCWAR is proud of the quality of the victim services and education programming it has provided in Delaware County since 1974. The agency has been a leader in the field of victim services since its inception. For example, the agency was a founding member of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) in 1975. In 1990, we won a legal case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which guaranteed confidentiality to sexual assault victims who come to rape crisis centers for counseling. And, more recently, we received an award from the Pennsylvania State Education Association in recognition of the quality of our education programs in county schools.

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Victims of Sexual Assault
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Victims of Other
Serious Crimes
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